Medu Profile

Established in 2003, Medu Capital is a professional investment management company with a focus on private equity. By providing long term capital and significant management skills, we partner with entrepreneurs to grow and develop privately owned businesses.

Medu Capital is wholly owned by its management team.

Since its inception, Medu Capital has raised and invested over R2 billion of capital in several private equity funds. Funds are sourced locally and internationally from institutions and the money is invested locally in South Africa and the rest of Africa.

Medu Capital has a proud record of investing in 35 businesses in diverse sectors including retail, general industrials, transport, construction, mining, healthcare, technology, financial services, food and education.

As an established private equity company, Medu Capital has a number of unique features:

  • It is an owner-managed, private equity focused business: Medu Capital has a singular focus on its private equity business. This, together with its flat corporate structure, allows for agile and effective decision-making resulting in greater competitiveness and streamlined deal execution
  • Proven partner to entrepreneurs: Medu Capital has successfully invested in and partnered with entrepreneurs in diverse sectors
  • Medu Capital’s executives have extensive investment and executive management skills and experience
  • Leading BEE credentials: owned and managed by Black South Africans, Medu Capital embraces the spirit of a scorecard approach to BEE. With its BEE credentials and strategy, Medu Capital is strategically positioned to participate in the investment opportunities that are created by a strong and growing economy and changes in the socio-economic environment in the country. Medu Capital is also well placed to promote the transformation objectives of the country
  • Proven track record of growing enterprises and delivering above average returns